Friday, May 14, 2010

Sneak peek at SmartCode VNC Manager v6.0

Since releasing SmartCode VNC Manager v5.5 we have been busy working on the major update to the application – version 6.0.  The v6.0 is going to redefine the VNC Manager as one of the best remote computer management and screen sharing software. Database backend, ability to browse Active Directory hierarchies from the Groups tree, Inventory Manager, Permissions and Access Rights supports, and centralized Connection History Manager are just a few major features that are going to be implemented in the v6.0 release. We are also going to improve on the VNC Manager’s usability and ease of use and the memory usage.

At the present time, our development effort is concentrated on modifying the VNC Manager core; we are adding database backend support and doing some other low-level changes. So there isn’t much that has changed on the outside. But we want to share some of the v6.0 screenshots to give you a clue about some of the changes coming in the v6.0.

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Main Windows with Connection History (click to enlarge)

Configurations Manager. The VNC Manager will support ability to switch between multiple database and XML configurations.  (click to enlarge)

File-based (XML) configuration settings (click to enlarge)

New design for Dynamic Search Folders configuration (click to enlarge)

New design for Dynamic Search Folders configuration (click to enlarge)

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