Monday, July 19, 2010

VNC Manager 5.5.20: Support for SecureVNC plug-in and new way of fetching logged on users

The latest build of the VNC Manager includes two new features many our customers will be happy to hear about.

  1. SecureVNC plug-in support
    The VNC Deployment Wizard has been updated to support configuration of SecureVNC DSM plug-in settings when deploying UltraVNC distribution. It’s possible to deploy UltraVNC configured to use encryption keys pre-generated by SmartCode or specify custom keys to be uploaded to a remote computer. For security reasons, we recommend to use your own encryption keys.  
      7-19-2010 3-45-40 PM

    The built-in VNC viewer has been updated with support for SecureVNC as well. If you used default encryption keys during UltraVNC deployment, the client key can be found at:

    C:\Program Files\SmartCode Solutions\VNC Manager (Enterprise Edition)\DSM Keys\SmartCode_Viewer_ClientAuth.pkey

  2. New way of fetching logged on users
    The VNC Manager included support for fetching logging on users for quite some time now. The problem was that a remote computer you are trying to fetch logged on users list from, had to belong to the same domain or workgroup as your client computer. So if your computer is a member of domain A and you are trying to fetch list of logged on users from a computer, which is a member of domain B, the operation would fail. This limitation was imposed by the fact that native Win32 registry API doesn’t allow to specify alternative logon credentials when establishing connection to the Registry Service on a remote computer.

    Starting with the 5.5.20 build this limitation has been removed. With the new implementation, it’s possible to fetch logged on users from any computer, which can be a member of a domain different from your client PC.


Last but not least, includes new Submit Error Report dialog. You will see this dialog in case if the VNC Manager crashes. Should this happen, please do click on the “Send Error Report” button.

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