Monday, August 30, 2010

Putting an end to the problems with ArgumentException crashes

For the past few builds of the VNC Manager some of the users had been experiencing fairly regular crashes. In most of the cases they had been seeing System.NullReferenceException errors.

From the errors stack-traces we could see that exceptions originated from the depths of Infragistics NetAdvantage library. Attempts to get a fix from Infragistics failed, since they couldn’t reproduce the problem and hence couldn’t fix it.

Turns out support for GDI renderer is completely broken in the current version of NetAdvantage. By default NetAdvantage uses GDI+ renderer, but since GDI renderer is faster, we opted to use the later one in the VNC Manager.

As a temporary workaround we have configured all the NetAdvantage controls used by the VNC Manager to use GDI+ renderer. It seems that this have fixed all the NullReferenceException crashes.

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