Monday, September 27, 2010

ServerX v2.0 : Question for current and potential users

In this post I would like to describe an issue we are currently having with the v2.0 implementation. I’m also seeking your feedback.

First some background: a VNC server can run in in Service mode and in User mode.

  • Service mode is started as a windows service; setting it to run in Service mode requires administrator privileges on the system.
    This mode is compatible with Vista’s UAC prompts.
  • User mode is started manually by a user after logging in. It can be done by launching winvnc.exe. Controlling VNC server in User mode doesn’t require administrative privileges.
    This mode is not compatible with Vista’s UAC prompts.

ServerX 1.0 executes in a mode similar to the User mode. On the plus side, administrative privileges are not required when hosting application needs to change a ServerX instance settings. The downside is that ServerX doesn’t support UAC prompts. And this is a huge problem for users with Vista/Windows 7.

To work around this problem ServerX 2.0 is being designed to run as a Windows service.  The service would be installed when the ActiveX is registered on the computer and uninstalled upon un-registration.
Installation / uninstallation of a service require administrative privileges, but this is not an issue because registering/unregistering an ActiveX requires the same privileges anyway.

The issue that we are facing is that controlling ServerX 2.0 settings would require administrative privileges. There is no other way around it. So my question to the current and potential ServerX users is how the administrative requirement would affect your applications? Would you still be able to use ServerX?

Basically the above mentioned issue is the only one that preventing us from finish the 2.0 release.

Please post your feedback here or you can email it directly to me at  yury (at)

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