Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Build 6.0.14 adds ability to link Credentials Template to a Registered Computer entry

The Credentials Templates feature was added to the VNC Manager years ago. It has instantly become popular among the users.  But some of the users had been wondering – “Why it is when I update a credential template those changes are not getting propagated to the registered computers?”  This was the case because there was no logical link between credentials templates and registered computers.

In the v6.0.14 we have added ability to link a credentials template to a registered computer.

Credentials templates can be edited by opening the Tools \ Options \ Logon Credentials page.credentials_templates_ui

Registered Computer Properties Sheet changes

The General page has been updated so now it’s possible to link a credentials template to a registered computer.


Credentials templates can be used to store Windows and VNC credentials. VNC credentials templates can be used as part of the VNC connection settings.


Ability to override NTLM credentials per-connection has been removed in the 6.0.14. It seems that only a small fraction of the users had been using this feature, while the majority had found it rather confusing.

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