Tuesday, September 13, 2011

VNC / RDP clients: full-screen mode improvements

In the past two weeks, we released three SmartCode VNC Manager builds that significantly improve user experience using VNC and RDP clients in the full-screen mode. We also squashed several nasty bugs.

Several new keyboard shortcut among the improvements implemented.
Ctrl+Alt+Break – switch the client between a window and a full screen.
Ctrl+Alt+End – send Ctrl+Alt+Del to a remote server.

Here is the full change log:

  • NEW: VNC / RDP viewers: Added support for Ctrl+Alt+Break (Switch Full-screen Mode) keyboard shortcut.
  • NEW: VNC viewer: Added "Send Ctrl Key" command to the full-screen toolbar.
  • NEW: Changed behavior of the Quick Connect command. Now if the Quick Connect text box is empty, the hostname of the currently selected object will be used instead.
  • NEW: Dropbox /Amazon S3 / FTP configuration profiles: Added ability to refresh configuration settings from server.
  • NEW: VNC viewer: Added support for sending Ctrl+Alt+Del command to a remote computer via Ctrl+Alt+End keyboard shortcut.
  • FIX: VNC / RDP viewers: Window frame is visible on an adjustment monitor when VNC/RDP viewer is used in the full screen mode.
  • FIX: VNC viewer: in the full-screen mode, when the top toolbar is pinned, it remains on top of other windows.
  • FIX: NullReferenceException when using VNC viewer in the full-screen mode.
  • FIX: VNC viewer: "Empty desktop size" error when accepting listening connection from or establishing connection to a TightVNC server without password set.

The latest SmartCode VNC Manager build can be downloaded from http://www.s-code.com/products/vncmanager/download.aspx

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